Welcome to Nationwide Exit Specialist

Frustrated with your Timeshare? Tired of paying maintenance fees? Are you just DONE? Did you know that you may be eligible for a complete termination of your timeshare ownership?

At Nationwide Exit Specialist, we provide our customers with a free consultation and explain your eligibility for the following options:

  • Cancellation of your Timeshare Contract
  • Mortgage Cancellation
  • Possibly qualify for a full or partial refund

Nationwide Exit Specialist offers guaranteed solutions for customers with any timeshare issue, regardless of the situation. We look forward to assisting you with all of your vacation ownership needs.

Time Share Relief

We understand your business, your industry and your unique challenges. Nationwide Exit Specialist will help you in terminating your timeshare permanently!

Property Transfer

We take care of every step of your timeshare property transfer so you don’t have to.

Contract Evaluation

We offer a Free Market or Property Evaluation to Timeshare sellers.

Our Team has over


years of timeshare relief & property transfer experience.

With our expertise we can help you transfer your timeshare properties and recover your investments.

Break the Bonds of your Timeshare

  • Eliminate Maintenance Fees – in many cases saving you thousands of dollars for years to come
  • No more hidden cleaning fees, resort fees, club fees or exchange fees
  • No more “Special Assessment” fees
  • Travel the way you want, when you want with never a maintenance fee again

What is the process?

Mortgage Cancellation Program:

  • This program is designed for our clients that have a mortgage on their timeshare regardless if the mortgage is current or not.
  • A welcome letter is sent to you with the assigned case manager contact info that will be assisting with your file.
  • Your case manager assists in the preparation of all documents on your behalf and sends the demand letter to resort for cancellation.
  • This process may take as long as 6-9 months.

Deed Transfer Program:

  • This program is designed for clients that have paid their mortgage in full and no longer want their timeshare nor continue to pay for future maintenance fees.
  • We work with our deed and transfer partners to remove your name from your deed.
  • Client provides our company with all requested documents and our team of specialists uses that information to prepare all necessary deed and transfer documents.
  • You will receive documents within 45 days of submission and it normally takes 90-120 days to record.


Schedule your FREE consultation with our consultant that will handle all questions and assess your current situation.


Please bring all your resort materials (deed, copy of last maintenance bill, etc.) Our consultants handle all transactions regarding the release of your current timeshare property.


We guarantee that with our Deed Transfer Program that within 30-90 days you will receive new documents to sign with a Notary to take you off your deed.

Each program is customized to the Client’s specific need. The Client is notified of the completion of the cancellation in writing. Some timeshares, including mortgage cancellations, may take longer to process. Ask your consultant for more details on timeline.