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Illegal Sales Tactics of Resorts

Illegal Sales Tactics of Resorts

The timeshare contract was originally designed to be a document which gave a consumer the power to purchase time at a vacation resort for their relaxation and enjoyment. However, with the passage of time, more and more timeshare owners realized that their timeshares worth little to no value and the maintenance fees outweighed the supposed benefits of timeshare ownership. This was great news for resorts. They had hit the jackpot!

Resorts effectively introduced a valueless product that was worth billions of dollars in sales and financing profits, as well as an ever-increasing annual revenue and maintenance fee. As timeshare owners realized the difficult situation they found themselves, they started to seek ways to sell off their timeshares, with these timeshares becoming more of a liability rather than an investment. As a result, does who were yet to buy a timeshare were hardly willing to, and this affected the timeshare industry’s profit margins, so resorts decided to tweak their marketing and sales strategies to better position themselves in the investment market.

Today, resorts employ on-site timeshare presentations to make a pitch and convince those in attendance to make a purchase. From these 8-hour presentations to discounts and elaborate today-only offers, those in attendance are pressured to append their signatures before leaving the presentation room. The timeshare sales contract is final once signed, effectively trapping consumers into a never-ending liability cycle.

For many years, resorts employed these unscrupulous tactics until timeshare relief companies emerged to provide some redemption for those who had purchased timeshares under duress. These companies helped Cancel timeshare owners negotiate with the resorts and they were able to obtain cancellation of the contracts. However, as more and more timeshare owners were able to unload their timeshares, the profit margins of the timeshare industry were again threatened, so they decided to tweak their tactics again.Timeshare Relief

The result? Some timeshare companies stopped releasing timeshare owners from their contracts altogether, whether the purchase was made under fraud and duress or not. By so doing, these timeshare companies failed to cooperate with the nation’s Consumer Protection Law, lumping the timeshare contracts with upfront cancellation fees.

Truth is, these resorts still employ high pressure, fraudulent tactics, misrepresentation, duress, and bait and switch methods, rendering the timeshare contracts signed as a result illegal. But timeshare owners still find it difficult to seek relief. However, if you are stuck in an illegally structured timeshare contract, you can still seek relief. Finding the right advocate is key to getting through the murky waters of your timeshare contract.Nationwide Exit Service help you for Cancel Timeshare , Cancel Timeshare Purchase ,

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