Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria I must meet in order to use Nationwide Exit Specialist service?

Nationwide Exit Specialist only accepts a limited amount of timeshares. Though we’d love to help everyone, the evolution of the Industry is causing more Resorts to change their policies all of the time. When invited to the Seminar, our representatives will be able to tell you if Nationwide Exit Specialist will be able to help you. There is a small list of Timeshares we cannot help with. If the Timeshare is Paid Off then you need to at least have all fees and assessments current. If the Timeshare isn’t paid off there are options for you and qualifications that must be met, which our representatives will go over with you at the seminar.

What if I have already booked with my resort or have a week banked with an exchange company?

Then you should still use your timeshare vacation week. We will make sure that it will not interfere with your reservation or usage of that week or Banked week.

Does Nationwide Exit Specialist’s service involve me getting into another timeshare or becoming a vacation club member?

All that Nationwide Exit Specialist does is get you out of your Timeshare, and that is it. Our Travel Industry Consultants can point you in the direction on how to get the best deals online, and what the best websites in the industry are when seeking Vacation Rentals and Travel Accommodations.

Are my children really going to inherit my timeshare when I die?

In most cases, the heirs, successors or assignees of a timeshare owner can inherit the timeshare, and the financial obligation that comes with its ownership, when the owner dies. What many timeshare sales people won’t tell you up front, and what many timeshare owners fail to realize, is that most timeshare contracts include a “perpetuity” clause. Perpetuity means “forever”. What this means is that timeshare ownership is a life-long commitment that requires you, and then your heirs, successors or assignees, to pay all timeshare fees forever.

Reach out to us

Our Team of Timeshare Advisors are dedicated to providing the solutions to the questions that you have. We welcome questions don’t be afraid to ask, remember the only stupid question would be the question not asked. We are 100% successful with our services due to the fact that we just don’t take on every client that we come across. We first will consult to understand your situation and what Vacation Ownership Program you own first , then give you factual advice based on your situation.